Lindeman’s Wine X The Socialite


Today post, its all about wine, So, today I was invited by Lindeman’s Wine and PT Panca Niaga Indoperkasa as one of the importer and distributor wine in Indonesia. Then, Lindeman’s Wine collaboration with The Socialite to make some menu for our lunch and pairing with Lindeman’s wine. So, This event was supported by Lindeman’s Wine, PT Panca Niaga Indoperkasa, Jasmine Florist Flower Shop,Premier Decoration, and The Socialite.


First wine that I have tried is Lindemans Bin 25 NV Brut Cuvee pairing with Marinated Salmon Salad, with plum tomato and sesame dressing. For the wine itslef, it look pale with delightful fruity sweet flavors

Then, next wine is 2015 Lindemands Bin 40 Merlot paired with Grilled Baby Chicken served with Potato Chips and Mixed Salad. For tasting wine itself, its soft and elegant, medium bodied Merlot with delicious red berry aromas.

For, the third wine is 2015 Lindemans Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon and paired with Grilled Sirloin Butter Garlic with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. This wine was little bit mint and chocolate inside, and also strong taste of red dark berry. This wine is suitable while enjoying BBQ meats or roast beef.

Finally, last wine that I’ve tried with dessert is 2016 Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay. Then for the dessert, The Socialite served “Deconstructed Cheese Cake”, is Vanila Sponge cake with cream cheese custard and chocolate. For this wine, I can feel the taste of peach aromas inside, and feel of fig tropical taste inside.



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