Boutique Coffee House at Coffee Cartel Bali

Today post about Coffee Cartel in Bali, When I arrived in Bali again, I would like to try their coffee and food, this place is located on the heart of Seminyak, and they are offering spacious boutique coffee hangout. So, Coffee Cartel is offering food and coffee which were created in the heart of Wollongong, a coastal town which is loaceted on Sydney.


Coffee Cartel is opened daily day start from 8.00 AM until 18.00 PM only, so Coffee Cartel also specialized in coffee because it is where it all started, so the coffee also roasting by themselves, and roasting on Canggu’s area.

So, today menus for me, especially is “PinkBeet Root Latte”, because this cafe so “Instagenic” with this “pink color”, and many people came here to try this menu also, and posting on their instagram, for me the taste I can feel the original taste of beetroot itself. Do you curious what is beetroot? I guess it is kinda hipster, but its health benefits far outweigh that of your average latte and its taste is that mind blowing that it will have you guzzling for more! And no, don’t worry it doesn’t taste much like beetroot either. To me it tastes like if…. It’s sweet and velvety smooth, and it is basically my go-to comfort drink now.

For, Cappuccino is perfect with more extra shot, and I love this coffee.

Next, you have to try this one, “Pink Smoothie Bowl”. Based on with Dragon Fruit, and Strawberry, It was fresh and fulfilled of banana,almond,chia seed,kiwi,and house of granola. And I like the display of this bowl, so pretty, and so cute, with the accent of local flower in Bali, so nice…..DSC09066

Next menu for Food, I’d like to share my “Bacon Cheeseburger”, I think the Beef Patty is so delicious one, with Bacon inside, and I can feel the taste of cheddar sauce, is juicy inside with the beef patty. It’s very tempting for eat more and more….


Thanks for reading my review, I hope you enjoy……


Coffee Cartel Bali

Jl Lebak Sari no 18. Petitenget.

Seminyak. Bali


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