Let me introduce my self, my name is Vincent, and I made this web with the nick name “VinzZhang”, Why? The reason is my nick name is Vinz, and “Zhang” is my family name, I am an Indonesian, and have been as a Photographer since in my college around 2007, and next step, become a Professional Photographer since 2013 until now…

I’ve been started my professional works with photo shoot for Wedding Company in Surabaya for 4 years, then I tried to expand my abilities in photo shoot some Restaurant or Cafe in Surabaya,Jakarta,and Jogjakarta. Due to our experience this website consist of my works as a Professional Photographer in Indonesia until now, and I was satisfied using my gear now which is Sony Alpha.

Education: Studied in Petra Christian University in Indonesia.

Qualification: I’m doing most of my works on Adobe Premier,Lightroom,and Photoshop.

So for my works, I hope you can enjoy it….

And if you are interested to collaboration photo with me, just send your inquires by email me @ vinzzzhangphotography@gmail.com, I will reply soon…